Hi, and a big fat welcome to Planit Mum, we're Nik and Kay.

PlanIt Mum was created during one of our infamous, overexcitable voicenotes that we regularly leave one another, where we create wild and crazy ideas of what we want to be when we grow up. 


We haven't had actually finished a conversation since 2017 when Nik joined the mum club, so, as professional chatterboxes, we thought what better way to right this wrong than start our own Podcast where we put the world to rights, catch up, have a laugh and chat with other awesome women - who just also happen to be mums too. This way we have a legitimate reason to call in childcare whilst we 'work' :)  

In seriousness, PlanIt Mum is something we are both very passionate about, shining a light on inspirational women and creating a cool, safe space for other mum's to hang out and have fun.

We've been mates since 2006 when, despite living 5 miles down the road from each other in South Manchester, we met in a dingy warehouse in London at an audition for a Presenting Job.

We swapped numbers on the way out, a kindred friendship was born and 14 years later with many, many amusing childfree memories under our belts and many, many hugs and cups of tea during some sad times we have supported one another through too - some of which I'm sure we will share with you along the way.



Nik and Asa.PNG
Nikki Dean
Mum to Asa

The girl who was born talking was always destined to find a job that could utilise her favorite skill. 

These days Nik works mostly as a Technology Presenter and loves nothing more than getting hands on with the latest Gadgets and Tech She is lucky enough to work all around the world as a Presenter and Event host for various Technology brands... and to keep her perfectly balanced, when she isn't doing that, a small cute boy usually has her crawling round soft play centres or playing cars!

In a previous life she spent 6 series as the Backstage Presenter for the hit BBC show Strictly Come Dancing where she would basically ask daft questions and play silly games with the Pro Dancers and contestants all in the name of work! (I know, jammy sod!!)

She still has a wardrobe full of sequins to prove it, though she is more likely to be spotted in something a little less blingy these days :)

Nik loves Body Combat classes, chocolate and big hearty laughs with friends as well as making funny videos with her cheeky son 

Nik is also a pretty decent whilstler and once started a Documentary all about the World Whilsting Championships (They are an actual thing!) and duetted with the 2003 World Champion.

Kay and Ava 2.PNG
Kay Crewdson
Mum to Ava

After a stint in Northern Ireland training to be a very serious news hound Kay ended up retraining to be a weather forecaster.


Who knew you actually needed to know the difference between a cold and a warm front? And for the record, no it’s not on autocue!!!

(clearly a bugbear).


While she fell in love with isobars her passion for radio never left and after years of being the fill in girl Kay got her own treasure hunt show before taking the reins of the breakfast show at BBC Radio York, which was all well and good till she met 'The One' got preggers and emigrated to America.

However, before the boxes were unpacked, she was back in the UK with her little family in tow and ready to join forces with her blonde bessie Deano to create PlanIt Mum

Kay likes to attempt HITT classes, loves gin, all food and constantly develops ideas for dragons’ den in her head, all whilst blogging about her daily mum adventures 

Kay is also Ambassador and Media Director for the Early Pregnancy Loss charity Cradle 

and Produced and Presented the award winning Radio documentary for the BBC 'The Emptiness Within' which

exposes the often hidden struggle of women who go through miscarriage.